For First Time Readers

Over the past 2 months and a bit, I have published several posts in the blog that have pretty much covered most aspects of personal finance and goal based investments. As new readers keep visiting the blog, I get inundated by the same queries which have already been answered in the earlier posts. I thought it will be a good idea to point all readers to the guides that I have published over this time. You can read these to gain a complete understanding of most investment issues.

The following are the guides that you will find to be the most useful:-

As you know I had started a series on how to build your own stock portfolio from scratch. Over the next week, I will get into specifics of the sectors and companies that you can look at investing.

I am happy to see many people have got started out here. Also, become a part of my Facebook group Market Musings where a lot more is discussed on the general market situation and also individual stocks.

Interested readers may pls follow my blog on email by clicking on the relevant button on the right hand panel. I will shortly be stopping the practice of posting the links in different Facebook groups. Following the blog will ensure you get intimated whenever there is a new post.


7 thoughts on “For First Time Readers

  1. Dear sir,
    I have been reading your post in finanical safari as well at AIFW ,they are really educating. unfortunately i came to know about this only 1 year back..I wished I knew abt this some 6-7 years back.ihave been investing , but not as per your blog about goal related investment. I hope if you could provide some direction to my finanical planning.

    thanks and regards

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  2. Dear Mr.Rajshekar Roy,
    Your blog is simply awesome.Love to read and enjoyed alot.Very informative.I am glad that I could catch your blog atleast at this time.
    Best Rgds,


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