An update on HELP

Over the last two weeks, I have been approached by many people who are interested in the HELP program and want to engage with me. For those of you who are wondering what HELP is, you will need to read my earlier post in the blog. I thought of doing this post to give my readers some idea about what kind of people have approached me, what exactly does HELP cover and finally how you can request an engagement with me.

First things first – while it will not be possible to give the profiles of everyone who has approached me, I am sharing a few of them below. Note that, for reasons of confidentiality, I am only going to use generic terms, avoiding names altogether. Here are 5 of the profiles I found most interesting:-

  1. A young professional from an US MNC, earning significantly and wanting to map out his life goals and financial support needed for the same.
  2. A mid career software professional currently working in Germany, wanting to take stock of his finances to see if he can indulge in some other options.
  3. A mid life professional currently in Sales but finding it difficult to reach management levels, wants to know if there is a possibility of doing things to reach his goal.
  4. A software product management professional who is good at this job but wants to explore what else he could possibly be doing.
  5. An entrepreneur with a consulting company who is unclear about his life direction and relationships and needs help in sorting some of those out.

While I cannot share any more details, I am working with 2 of these and hope to get engaged with the others by the end of the month. HELP is a very intensive engagement so I can only do it 5 – 7 at a time and each engagement takes about 2 months. It is also unique to each individual so it is not easy to explain what exactly will be covered. To have an overall idea about what each engagement may deal with, see below:-

  1. 2-3 discussions to clarify and crystallize your goals in life and the timeline for them. This will include life strategies for achieving them, apart from the financial strategies.
  2. A one time critical review of your portfolio in order to see if there are any changes required in the structure as well as the financial instruments that you are invested in currently.
  3. Arrive at a clear investment program for the future that are aligned to your goals.
  4. Establish future yearly cash flows from now till your expected life duration.
  5. Discussions on any critical areas such as career, relationships, health, family where you may need some advice to handle things in a better manner.
  6. Decide on a roadmap and plan to effect suitable changes in these areas.
  7. Set up a quarterly review for 2020 to see how the plan is progressing. We can extend this further for future years if it is mutually decided to do so.
How much does it cost? Well that depends on which stage of life you are at, what assets do you have and how much thought process and effort need to go in restructuring the same. Again to give you an idea it is likely to be in the range of 40000 to 50000 for the entire program which includes quarterly reviews for the first year.
In case you want to discuss this with me, send a mail expressing your interest to, we will then have an initial call to discuss further. As I said, I cannot take on too many people so if you are really interested get back to me quickly.

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