My cash flows and investments in April

April has been a good month for our markets with all the major indices hitting a lifetime high. My Stock and MF portfolio have done rather well and while I am not one to keep looking at my net worth every day, it does feel good to see it grow well in this month. For all people with an asset allocation strategy in place, this will be a good time to shift some money to debt. However, the question is which debt instruments will really work out in the current situation, where the interest rates are probably bottoming out?

I think it will be a good idea to outline my own situation in terms of the cash flows in April and how I have invested them in the month. These situations and decisions are unique to me but it can be definitely useful learning to some of the readers. Let me start with the cash inflow first. The month of April had significant cash inflows for me from the sources given below:-

  • My active Management consultancy income from the software company where I work currently as Chief Strategy Officer.
  • Some consultancy income from a couple of holistic life plans I have made for 2 people who had reached out to me.
  • Rent from my Chennai apartment which largely goes into paying for our current apartment in Hyderabad.
  • Interest income from tax free bonds
  • Dividend income from stocks in my portfolio
  • Dividend income from some MF schemes in my portfolio
  • Redemption proceeds of some FMP schemes on their maturity

My regular expenses that require cash outflow are as follows:-

  • Household expenses including rent for our apartment.
  • Amount sent to my parents every month for supplementing their income.
  • Expenses incurred on my children, separate from their college fees.
  • Any discretionary expenses including travel, entertainment and gifts.
  • Contribution to 2 charities of our choice.

As of now my passive income is enough to meet the above expenses in an ongoing manner and therefore my active income is almost totally invested. Besides for the FMP redemption proceeds, I invest the principal and use the capital gains as part of passive income. In April, the FMP redemption principal was to the tune of 11 lacs and this needed me to decide where should I put it back.

The investments I have done in April are as follows:-

  • PPF contribution to the maximum for my wife and me.
  • FMP plans from Reliance, Sundaram and BSL.
  • MIP from BSL
  • ICICI Value Fund series 12
  • Sundaram Micro cap fund series 11

Why have I invested in the following and will I be doing the same in May? The answer to the second part is no, as I look into each month separately now, keeping the overall asset allocation in mind. 

The first part has a more complex answer and I will try to provide it in the next post.



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