Home loan – your options now

Over the past few days there have been significant changes in the home loan rates. Though this was being anticipated for quite some time, it was only with the demonetization impact and with a serious nudge from the PM that SBI went ahead and made a huge cut to their MCLR. Other banks followed suit and the effect has been to see the lowest home loan rates for quite a while. SBI and many are at around 8.65 % and I believe Bank of Baroda is the lowest at 8.35 %.

So if you are thinking of taking a home loan now to buy a house, is it a good time? To begin with if you want to stay in it, that is definitely a good idea. In case you are looking at the purchase as an investment, my suggestion will be that you wait to see how the realty market settles down in the next few months. Look at the following for the loan:-

  • Take a loan that you really need and pay as much as you can on your own. Remember even at lower rates of interest you are paying for the loan.
  • Negotiate on the rates as well as the waiver of processing fees.
  • Do not go for loans with a tenure of more than 15 years, 10 would be preferable.
  • Make sure there are no prepayment penalties associated with the loan.
  • Go for a pure floating rate loan, avoid ones that are part fixed for the first few years etc.

What if you are already having an existing loan? Well, that will depend on the context – see below for how you should go about it.

  • If your loan was taken after April 1, 2016 then it is linked to MCLR. In this case, you do not need to do anything, your rates will get adjusted to the new ones.
  • Remember the MCLR reset is done at different frequencies by different banks. Check with your bank to know when the rates will get reset.
  • In case you have an older loan, it is probably linked to BPLR and you need to look at possible switch. There will be a switching fee associated with the change. This is normally between 0.5 % to 1 % of your outstanding loan amount for most banks and is capped at 10000 Rs.
  • Check the EMI difference you are getting and multiply it with the outstanding tenure in months. If this amount is significantly more than the switching fee you should switch your loan.
  • If, for some reason, your bank is not being cooperative look at other options.
  • When you switch, do not reduce the EMI but ask for a reduction in tenure.
  • As a general strategy continue to prepay whenever you can.

As you would know, I dislike any kind of loans and would suggest you avoid them if possible. However, you do need to take a loan for housing in all probability. Make sure that you are discerning while taking the loan, limit the amount by paying as much as you can on your own and prepay aggressively.

Your home should be a great asset to you, not a liability in the form of an outstanding home loan.

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