How to use my blog effectively

I started this blog on June 17th of this year, so it has been around for about 4 months and a fortnight. I must say that I am very surprised at the reception the blog has had. The reason I started it was simple – I knew that a blog with such personal dimension in creating awareness about how to arrive at financial independence did not exist, and given the current interest in personal finance related issues, I was quite sure of a decent readership. Even so, a readership of about 55000 views in this period is astounding to me – it has also encouraged me to keep writing regularly, as the 160 posts will show.

Many readers of the blog have asked me queries ranging from insurance to stock picking to mutual funds and everything in between. While I try to answer every query addressed to me, it is getting more difficult to do so with the increasing number of transactions. More importantly, a lot of these queries would actually get addressed if the reader took care to search the blog for the relevant posts and read these properly. At another level, I may also be responsible to a degree inasmuch as I have not explicitly explained how the blog can be used effectively. So, here is my attempt to do so.

Just below the Title of the blog you will see the link “For first time Readers”. Any new reader or even the old ones should definitely click on this link. It will take you to a post which has further links to a host of useful guides that I have written over the last 4 months. All of these are a must read for anyone interested in personal finance and trying to chart out a plan of their own in their journey towards financial independence. Be sure to click on each of the hyperlinks to read the posts.

The top box on the right hand panel is for search, where you can search for any phrase. For example ” MF Portfolio” will lead you to some posts where this phrase is a part of. If you provide your email id by clicking on the Button “Follow”, you will get an email intimation whenever a new post is published in the blog. I will recommend you to do this if you are interested in following any new posts that I write. Going down the right hand panel, you will see a listing of the recent posts and the archives by month. If you have started reading my blog in October, you may want to click on the earlier month’s to check out what I had written about in those months.

The “Categories” section is obviously the most interesting. I have tried to make the category names as self-explanatory as possible and I hope you will not have problems in using this well. For example you can click on the category SIP to check out all the posts I have written on it. A combination of this and the search feature should be getting you what you want.

How can you get in touch with me if you have a question? Well, there are several ways and it really depends on why you want to interact with me. See below:-

  • If you have a query or a comment on a post I have written then you can simply comment in the blog itself. I normally respond to all the comments within a day.
  • If your query is specific to stock markets or stocks, I encourage you to become member of my Facebook group “Market Musings” and post your query there. You will get a response not only from me but also from a lot of other members who are active in the stock market.
  • If you have a query on your personal investment then the best way will be to send me a message on Facebook Messenger. I normally respond within 1 day here too.
  • If you want me to help you with your financial plan send me a message and ask for my email id. Once I respond with it, you can send me the details through email.

I will of course, continue to write the blog but feel that it already contains a wealth of information that you can use effectively in planning out your route to financial independence. Read it and use it well – it does have potential to decisively change your life for the better.


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