A definitive guide to Financial Planning

This blog is just 45 days old now but it has had fairly good readership credentials. The number of posts published has been more than 75 in this brief period and more than 8000 visitors have been there for 20,000 views. While these are great numbers that make me happy, I also realize that there is a need to direct different kinds of readers to the right posts based on their interest areas. Of course, you can do this through the categories but the directions below will help you do this in a more effective manner.

In the following directions I have given hyperlinks to some posts or series that you can click on and access.The hyperlink will be in blue color. right click on it and when a box appears, select the option of opening the link in a new tab.

For any new investor understanding the dynamics of spending is very important and this post gives you a new way of looking at it. Application of this understanding will also be crucial for investment purposes. Go through the post on Understanding the life stages to see how expenses change over time.

Resources on Financial Planning:

  • The uniqueness of each individuals situation is discussed in this post.
  • Mapping life goals to financial goals is the first step in financial planning.
  • Establishing a timeline of goals will help you see the big picture of your financial life.
  • Read the post on Building blocks of a financial plan to understand the process.
  • In order to make the process of financial planning simple it is important to provide a template of it. I have done this through a detailed case study on a sample financial plan. You just need to follow this series and adopt the process described here to make your own financial plan. The First post in the series talks about the background of the couple for whom we are making the financial plan. These posts are numbered in the format ” Sample financial plan # X”, where X is the sequence number of the post in the series. There are a total of 10 posts, read all of these.

Resources on Goal based investing:

  • This is also a series of 10 posts. The First post talks about the expert view on goal based investing and the Second one explains the deficiencies in the approach.
  • Read all 10 posts of the series and apply these to set your own financial goals and investment plans.
  • Resources in this area are to be used in conjunction with the resources in the financial planning area.

Resources on Financial independence:

  • Most of us are interested in achieving Financial independence but are not necessarily clear as to what it entails and how to go about it. I have written a series of 10 posts that addresses all aspects of this concept.
  • Click on the link here to access the 10 posts and read through them as many times that you need to.
  • Look at your own life situation to decide whether it is appropriate for you to look at financial independence, if so follow the concepts outlined in this series.

I will also provide a similar guide to resources on Stocks and MF investments in future posts.

Interested readers may pls follow my blog on email by clicking on the relevant button on the right hand panel. I will shortly be stopping the practice of posting the links in different Facebook groups. Following the blog will ensure you get intimated whenever there is a new post.


5 thoughts on “A definitive guide to Financial Planning

  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I’ve saved all these posts in folders on my laptop and I’m reading and re-reading them one by one.
    Looking forward to the guides on Stocks and MF.


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