The only guide to MF investing you will need

Over the last couple of weeks, I have written a lot of posts on Mutual fund investments and I think it will be useful for the readers to get all of this combined in one post. As before I have provided hyperlinks to most of my posts on MF here. The knowledge contained in these posts is all that you will need to become a successful MF investor.

SIP investments:

  • Evolution of SIP in India is important to understand why is has gained so much popularity among investors.
  • There is a lot of misconception about SIP and many people see it as an answer to all their investment goals. Read this post to understand why SIP is not a panacea.
  • We need to look at actual data to gain insights on how SIP investments have performed in different market situations. My experiences with SIP investments will equip you with this data and hopefully the insights will follow.
  • Traditional way of doing SIP has several deficiencies. However a modified way of doing SIP investments can prove to be more worthwhile and is fairly easy to learn and implement.

Constructing an MF portfolio:

I think I have covered most aspects of MF investing and construction of a MF portfolio in these posts. Will be happy to get feedback from readers on how useful they feel it was for them and also suggestions on whether I need to write on other areas about MF.

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