A little about me

Starting a blog is something mundane in the internet nowadays but it still has a lot of significance for the individual at two different levels. For one, he is finally succumbing to the various suggestions, pushes and prods that he has received from several quarters to finally get out of the whole inertia thing. For the other, you are now finally going to be judged for your thoughts by other people, some of who you know, but others who are complete strangers to you.

This blog is specifically about my journey and thoughts on personal finance that has helped me achieve financial independence, and I hope that others will learn a lot from this to be able to help themselves. I will be writing another post on the objectives of scope of the blog. In this post though, I wanted to let the readers get a broad sense of who I am. I have always felt that you can understand a blogger so much better if you knew a little about the person who is writing. I know there are social media platforms that you can search, but that at best gives an incomplete picture and, at worst, gives none.

I was born and brought up in Durgapur, a steel city about 150 Kms from Kolkata. My father, who was a Chemical Engineer from Jadavpur university, practically worked in SAIL his whole life. Our family comprised of three siblings of which I was the eldest and the only son. I and my sisters had a great time in Durgapur, growing up in an environment which was not an affluent one but deeply satisfying in all respects. I studied in St Xavier’s School before Graduating in Computer Science & Engineering from Jadavpur University ( like my Dad ) and went on to do my MBA from IIM Calcutta.

Since 1988, when I passed out of IIMC, I have been working in the IT and ITES industry. Of my 27 years in this industry, the last 15 years have been as a CEO in 4 different organizations. Last December, I opted out of the rat race and started a Consulting practice of my own. My wife Lipi is an Economist and she gave up her job after our second child was born. She is interested in the stock markets and does some trading now. My daughter and son are both in college, both studying Engineering in BITS, now in the 4th and 2nd year respectively.

I am passionate about travel, sports, movies, reading and personal finance. The last one is really the subject of this blog and I will write more about it in my next post !!

22 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Hello Rajshekar Sir, Happy to see you with your personal blogging page. Though we are connected via other forums, however this will be a better platform to see all your stuffs in single page. Wish you all the best.


  2. Dear RSR sir….I have gone through all your blogs so far and have read several of your posts on AIFW. Your blogs are interesting and can be easily co-related with anyone own’s life…as someone has suggested above…m looking forward for more real-life examples….thanks for starting this blog….


  3. Welcome to world of bloggers.reading yours articles in AIFW and eager to read more financial gems written in future.all the very best for this endeavor.


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